Slootsmid SBB Profi Max


The robust fixed-tine cultivator for the contractor. Collapses in two sections, so no ground accumulation on  the centre section.

Standard version 

  • Frame completely galvanised.
  • Heavy-duty 3-point Cat. III linkage. Height- and length-adjustable.
  • Robust lighting bar and slow moving vehicle triangle.
  • Hydraulically collapsible in two sections, no middle frame. Storage possible in collapsed position.
  • Mechanically forced tine protection during transport.
  • Hydraulic transport lock.

  • Heavy duty fixed tines protected with shear bolts.
  • Tines at 60 cm. Tine spacing 30 cm. 2 rows of tines.
  • Free clearance below frame approx. 70 cm.
  • Rod roller for levelling and depth adjustment, diameter 62 cm. 8 heavy duty rods in V configuration.
  • Continuous hoses with steel spiral and 50 mm inner diameter. Prevents blockages.

  • Supplied as standard with Slootsmid vertical duo-eccentric distributor.
  • 5" KKV straight, on top of distributor (supplied separately).