Slootsmid SV coulter applicator


The SV coulter applicator puts the slurry on the soil, between the grass. The machine has an integrated lift  system and therefore does not require a separate lift system. Can be mounted behind any tank.

  • Low unladen weight.
  • Low required pulling power.
  • Maintenance-friendly.
  • Simple operation.


Standard version

  • Frame and elements completely galvanised.
  • Flat mounting plates with hole pattern for various mounting options.
  • Folding ladder and platform to distributor.
  • Robust lighting bar and slow moving vehicle triangle.

  • Wear-resistant trailing shoes
  • Long spring leaves for good ground contour following.
  • Ground pressure adjustable from 1 to 7 kg per element.
  • Ground clearance 20 to 30 cm, depending on ground pressure setting.
  • Continuous hoses with steel spiral and 50 mm inner diameter. Prevents blockages.

  • Supplied as standard with Slootsmid eccentric distributor.
  • 5" KKV straight, on top of distributor (supplied separately).