Slootsmid SZB Profi disk slurryinjector 


The robust SZB Profi is the contracting machine par excellence. The large, 300 mm pre-cutting discs  guarantee a long service life. Everything can be (optionally) operated automatically/hydraulically. 

Standard version 

  • Frame and elements completely galvanised.
  • Heavy-duty 3-point Cat. III linkage, attached with bolt connection.
  • Folding ladder and platform to distributor.
  • Robust lighting bar and slow moving vehicle triangle.
  • Patented hinge system that allows arms to turn inwards during folding.
  • Fully automatic disc protection during transport.
  • Hydraulic transport lock. 

  • Two slurry outlets per element, elements individually suspended, follow track and ground contours.
  • Elements are fitted with pre-cutting discs, coulter blades and automatic coulter valves.
  • Pre-cutting discs independently rotating, greaseable bearing construction.
  • Wear-resistant pre-cutting discs made of tempered steel, with a diameter of 300 mm.
  • Slurry nozzle and pinch hose is integrated unit (outflow boot).
  • Spring-loaded preload for each duo element, ground pressure adjustable.
  • Continuous hoses with steel spiral and 50 mm inner diameter. Prevents blockages.

  • Supplied as standard with Slootsmid rotor distributor.
  • 5" KKV straight, on top of distributor (supplied separately).