Slootsmid Mobile manure separator

Slootsmid develops and produces mobile manure separation installations. These installations are characterized by a large capacity combined with the possibility of separating manure at different locations.

The installation consists of a chassis with a feed and discharge pump for manure and the possibilty of a Slootsmid cutting filter. The number of separators, depending on the capacity, this can be built from 1 separator. In addition, a discharge screw with sufficient capacity and reach for example to fill trucks. A generator and control box for the drive and operation of the pumps and auger complete the installation. These installations are largely custom-made, please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Benefits of manure separation on location

  • Slurry volume reduction up to 25%. 
  • The fractions (thick and thin) can be reused on the farm or deposited.  
  • Thick fraction can be used as box filling (Bio comfort bedding) 

Slootsmid SEM 520 (Eco mobile manure separator)

This mobile separator is specially designed for companies who wants to use and share the manure separator together. This machine is also ideal for rental. The separator is built on a robust galvanized chassis with an unbraked axle. A 380 V / 32 Amp. Power connection is sufficient to connect the machine. Among other things, the machine can be expanded with a special pump for thin fraction and a discharge screw.


Separator type 

Type of supply     

Liquid fraction discharge       



FAN 3.2-520

Worm pump

Free flow / centrifugal pump


4 support legs 


  • FAN 3.2-780 separator
  • Galvanized discharge screw, electrically driven, completely covered.
  • Hoses with Storz couplings 

SMS 1-10 (Profi mobile manure separator)

In addition to the Eco mobile manure separator, we also develop and produce professional mobile manure separators for more capacity. The build-up is made to customer requirements from 1 to 10 seperators, for several separators, the build-up of an generator is advised to run stand alone. For more information and the possibilities, please feel free to contact us. 

The SMS-10 with 10 FAN Separators, a Borger FL1036 supply pump and a Slootsmid SF-8 Cutting filter is a high capacity machine. The 10 separators are feeded from 2 large storage bins. A sensor in these storage bins controls the supply pump, so that the bin always has the desired filling level. High capacity augers ensure that the thick fraction is removed. The discharge auger is rotatable by 210 degrees and adjustable in height, allowing a discharge height of 4.5 meters to be achieved. Intuitive touchscreen operation ensures that the entire machine can be operated easy. Functions such as entire machine start / stop, switching a separator or pump on or off, or just starting the high-pressure sprayer to clean the truck, are quickly started with a touch of the touchscreen. The SMS-10 is complete with a Borger FL 776 drain pump, various storage options for manure hoses and accessories, and an SDMO 250kVa generator, enabling this machine to work in any desired location