About Slootsmid

Slootsmid Mesttechniek specializes in the development, construction and production of machines in the field of manure treatment and manure processing. Thanks to an innovative, practical approach to our manufacturers, new developments are always incorporated in the machines in the most practical manner. This direct approach makes the Slootsmid machine a smart and solid product with which a high labor productivity can be achieved. Constantly responding to the changing needs of the customer through product innovation is the constant challenge for our company.


Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance is a prerequisite for the Slootsmid machine to do its job properly. This requires maintenance according to the instructions in the user manual, but preventive maintenance is also important. Our experienced and well-trained technicians often recognize potential problems early so that worse can be prevented. Your machine will continue to work better and larger repairs can often be avoided.

Spare parts 

We only use original parts for all maintenance and repairs. This ensures that the machine remains in the best possible condition.

Work in our workshop or on location

Well-trained technicians with good tools in a fully equipped workshop or service bus ensure that we can provide high-quality work. We can also carry out many of our activities on location. This saves you time.

We usually carry out the more complex repairs in our workshop because we can work faster there thanks to the tools available. We will just discuss what is most efficient with you.

Do you have questions about the possibilities or are there work that still needs to be carried out? Please do not hesitate to contact us!